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Pre and Post-Op Rehab

Pre and Post Op Rehab are equally important to your overall recovery from some types of surgery. Pre-op rehab gets your body ready while post-op rehab helps you recover. Most of us just think about getting post-op Rehabilitation Physical Therapy. In reality, it can be very advantageous to your body to engage in pre-operation therapy.

Great example would be knee surgery. Say you need to undergo knee replacement or some type of a knee area surgery. It may be a little painful to have pre-op therapy, but that process can help improve your muscles for a quicker recovery after your surgery. Most of the time this would only be effective for "planned" surgeries. Anytime the body is going to undergo a situation where things will be disturbed, it just makes sense to try to strengthen that area before the actual surgery.

We all know we will need physical therapy after most types of surgeries. Getting some pre-op physical therapy will put yourself at an advantage for a speedier recovery. Our state of the art facilities in New Boston and Texarkana are all set up to help you recover faster and better. Why not take advantage of our pre-op surgery rehabilitation as well.

Our physical therapist can discuss your current health status and impending surgery with you and then figure out a detailed course of action that includes both preoperative and post-operative rehabilitation. You’ll want to allow several weeks, at a minimum, before your procedure so that you have time to engage in the necessary pre-habilitation regimen. Building your strength and flexibility training for your area of surgery may feature prominently in your pre-hab.

In Texas you can see a Physical Therapist for up to 10 business days for evaluation and treatment, without a medical referral. Many times, the sooner you get to treatment, the speedier your recovery - and that's the most important - your health and speedy recovery.

Post-surgical physical rehab offers a controlled environment for a swifter, less complicated recuperation by:

  • Helping your muscles regain their strength and function.
  • Helping your joints regain their preoperative flexibility and range of motion.
  • Increasing your blood flow and encouraging fluid drainage.
  • Re-training you to use a part of your body that was unusable before the surgery.
  • Helping you regain your natural balance after an extended period of time that you may be off of your feet.

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