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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at our New Boston or Texarkana Tx Physical Therapy facility is designed to help an individual recover from a physical setback. It's a multifunction goal - return to normal physical function as well as mental improvements from the difficulty, as well as social readjustment from it. Some of the common illnesses that happen to need this type of therapy or rehab are: Tendon tears or rotator cuff shoulder injuries, joint dislocations, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, repetitive injuries from Carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, and, of course, joint replacements or injuries.

Depending on the severity of the disease or accident that required this type of rehab will also determine how long and how many sessions will be required to get you back to a quality of life situation. Many times in a severe situation - amputation, as an example, will require physical, mental and social rehabilitation.

Simple backpain or a joint type surgery is more about the physical side of the rehabilitation. Once the illness is corrected, the patient can usually return to society and their work environment rather easily and unnoticed. An amputation will be different circumstances.

As your Physical Therapy Doctor, we understand all of the various situations that can cause a person to need our services. We are well trained and schooled in the different types of needs and cares a patient may need.

At Synergy Physical Therapy and Reb - in New Boston TX or Texarkana TX, we understand how important it is to get back into your life, job and social atmosphere as soon as possible.

However, we also know how important proper therapy and rehab procedures are. We take all of this into account when we help you recover.

Our goal is to have you comfortable again and back into your lifestyle when you're ready. 

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