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Neurologic Rehabilitation

Neurologic Rehabilitation is designed to help people with movement disorders based on their nervous system. At Synergy Physical Therapy, we are able to help with this. 

Physiotherapy and neurotherapy are both non-invasive treatment options based on natural processes. But they differ in their methods. Physiotherapy involves physical activities like exercises and massages. Neurotherapy analyzes brain activity and uses pressure points to enhance brain function.

Many times it is needed to help a person get back to everyday life and the functions necessary to be on your own - cooking, eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, etc. Because it involves the nervous system, this type of therapy may take longer. Getting muscles back to full function are less challenging for the patient and typically a faster therapy in overall needs.

Neurologic Rehabilitation requires an assessment first to be sure of what is needed, then a plan or goal of achievement, the actual therapy itself to help reduce the problem and then an evaluation of the results. Since we are dealing with the brain, spinal chord, or even individual nerves, this therapy is much more involved. 

Some of the more common disorders are: Headaches (one of the most common neurological disorders), Strokes, Seizures, Parkinson's Disease and Dementia.

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