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Physical Therapy for Texarkana Patients

Physical Therapy for Texarkana Patients is best at Synergy Physical Therapy at 3494 Summerhill Rd, right here in Texarkana. We have a full staff available. We know how important it is to start your treatment as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, Texas allows a person to seek and have physical therapy for up to 10 business days, without a medical referral.

Another great thing is you have the choice to choose where you go for your physical therapy. A referring doctor or hospital may provide a referral for you to go to X, but you have every right to go to the facility of your choice!

Physical Therapy for Texarkana Patients led us to start our practice here in Texarkana. We love the area and community so it was a natural decision to have our first rehab facility here in Texarkana. 

We all know that accidents happen in our lives. However, how you recover with 100% mobility and freedom of pain is our job. We see you as another human being that is suffering and needs proper care and attention to perhaps be able to walk again, as depicted in the above picture. Can you imagine how exciting it is for the patient and us, as your Physical Therapist to see you achieve success? That's why we do what we do.

We love our success stories of patients fully recovering and enjoying the life they had before their injury. We have established our clinic here to help people get through their injuries and trauma. 

Give us a call or drop in - we are an Outpatient Clinic and will do our best to assure your success in rehabilitation. We have all types of insurance plans and options available.

If you don't see what you have on our Home Page, just give us a call - 430-200-4222 - or use the Chat window to see if we can add yours!

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